Open external HTML snippet as popup in jquery mobile

ok I am a bit rusty with jquery and new to jquery mobile so go easy on me ;). Ok I am creating a mobile website with jquery mobile and it has a lot of pages so rather than keep all the pages in one large multi-page template I have them in seperate page templates. I have a menu button that when clicked a popup appears with a listview menu in it, this works but I have to put the menu in every page template but I would rather just keep the menu in its own html file or even just somewhere in the dom that is outside the jquery mobile page structure so that I dont have to repeat the code in each page template. How to I load the menu into the popup when its located in its own file? Failing that how do I load a div into that popup that is not inside a jquery mobile page? My button: Menu my listview menu html:
I added the html for the listview but Im not sure about the actual javascript code for the popup and even if its requried to do what I am asking?

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