String.format() get maximum value

I implemented a counter method that returns always an incremented number. But the user can give wished [format][1], 2 digits, 3 digits or whatever he wants. The format is the standard String.format() type of String like `%02d` or `%5d`. When the maximum value is reached, the counter should be reset to 0. **How can I find out the max value that can be represented with the given [format][2]?** int counter = 0; private String getCounter(String format){ if(counter >= getMaximum(format)){ counter = 0; } else { counter++; } return String.format(format, counter); } private int getMaximum(String format){ //TODO ??? //Format can be %02d => should return 100 //Format can be %05d => should return 100000 } [1]: [2]:

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