jQuery pagination + Twitter Bootstrap

I'm trying to modify a Jquery pagination ([based on this Jquery pagination tutorial][1] - [demo][2]) to work with the awesome twitter bootstrap. Twitter Bootstrap's standard pagination setup looks like this, so this is the goal for the pagination output structure. So far I can get it to work by changing the html output structure but the active highlighting is not working proper since I changed the output from `` to the `
  • ` tag. [This is where I am stuck now ATM!][3] I still need to do the following: ------------------------------------------------- - Disable `prev` button, when on first page - Change Active `
  • ` when page is changed - Disable `next` button when on last page - Fix the `prev` button so it works again - fix the next button so it works again Heres the link to the [JsFiddle][4] - *somehow it's not working, but the code should be correct ([same code as this][5])* [1]: http://web.enavu.com/tutorials/making-a-jquery-pagination-system/ [2]: http://web.enavu.com/demos/paginate/ [3]: http://guldmand.com/paginate/index3.html [4]: http://jsfiddle.net/guruguldmand/kybmP/1/ [5]: http://guldmand.com/paginate/index3.html
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