How to POST dynamic input tags in codeigniter

I am facing a serious dilemma, and wondering how this would be possible. I have a form built in codeigniter framework. At the end of the form is an input tag which takes a number and appends a new form with exact rows of input tags as the value of the last input tag. I have done this using javascript, code is $('#formName9').on('change', function() { var selected = $(this).val(); $('#subForm').empty(); $("#subForm").append('
Unit Name Owner Name Owner Salutation
'); for (var i=1; i<=selected; i++) { $('#subForm').append('

'); } }); you can see i have used different naming conventions for all the appended tags according to the loop. Now these values need to be posted in order for the PHP[SERVER] to do further work, but how will i post these dynamic values? i have tried to the following, but this just hangs my local server and doesn't go any further $ownerName = array(); for ($i=0; $i<=$blockUnits ; $i+1) { $ownerName[$i] = "ownerName".$i; $this->input->post('ownerName[$i]'); }
Some answers would be appreciated....

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