what does it mean that "cacheSweave doesn't cache side-effects"?

I'm using cachesweave, but I don't think I get how everything works. I've tried to separate the code into simulation chunks and the plotting chunks, but some of the code is very long and written before I started the sweave document, so I instead use something like <> source("mainScript.R") @ <> a<- print(str(F1)) plot(F1) @ The thing is mainScript.R is somewhat convoluted simulation code including plot functions and so on. I've read in cacheSweave vignette "cacheSweave doesn't cache side-effects" and plots are not cached, so I was wondering if the plotting functions in mainScript.R effect how the expressions are evaluated? This might be an obvious question. Let's say I have another chunk after the two above. all of the results of the expressions in both "foo" and "plot" can be used in this new chunk, right? For example, <> print(a) print(str(F1)) @

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