HTML5 History API Implementation

This might sound like a duplicate, but I have searched through the forum questions and I haven't found what I was looking for. So, I have been reading for a while now, and I still cannot decide what to do about the next situation. I'm building a one page website ( not my first ) which requires a smooth User Interface, so I have decide to load pages with AJAX for a better and more friendly navigation. I have been using : SmartAjax ; for a while and it was good enough for me. It works nicely and I had no problems with it, but with it had problems handling a lot of JavaScript as callback. Also there was a lot of work to do when implementing it through the whole website. And because now HTML5 is more stable than it was one year ago, and most of it's features are working in most of the browsers ( but some still require a polyfill ), I decided to start using HTML5 History API. A lot of websites use it and it's very easy to do so, but there some aspects I don't understand about it. Therefore here's what I would like to know about it : - is it supported by all browsers by now, and most important, will touch devices and mobiles support it ? - is there a special library or a framework for it ? - is it safe to use for small websites ( a maximum of 6 pages ) but with a lot of JavaScript ? - does it behave when using it in combination with jQuery Plugins ? - what about hashbang and hashes ? aren't they the same as using History API ? and what are the differences ? I would appreciate all the help and info I get about the points stated above.

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