Getting a object reference in interface that was not passed

Currently, the below code gives compile erorr, because the listener don't know whats smsTask. I would need a instance of the smsTask in the listener. Is it possible to do this **without** passing it in the contruntor? It seems redunant if I do: .createTask(smsTask,new TaskCompleteListener(smsTask){...} current code: public void doStuff(){ SmartPhoneTask smsTask=createSmsTask(); super.getSystem().createTask(smsTask,new TaskCompleteListener(){ @Override public void onTaskComplete() { releaseResources(smsTask);//error. }}); } private SmartPhoneTask createSmsTask() { return new SmartPhoneTask(); } createTask: void createTask(SmartPhoneTask task, TaskCompleteListener listener);

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