Checkbox that adds or removes textbox based on state

I'm trying to create a checkbox that will create a new textbox once clicked. Clicked again, it will remove the textbox. At the moment, it's just making a load of new textboxes as I don't know how to handle if statements inside of javascript. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Results
And the Javascript function CreateTextbox() { var textBox = document.createElement("input"); textBox.setAttribute("type", "textbox"); textBox.setAttribute("id", textboxId); textboxId++; return textBox; } var textboxId = 0; if(textboxId == 0) { document.getElementById("chk").onclick = function () { document.getElementById("formContainer").appendChild(CreateTextbox(textboxId)); var textboxId = 1; } } else if (textboxId == 1) { //The code to remove the previosuly made textbox }

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