JSP Video Streaming (with Servlet)

I am using @BalusC image servlet to serve images on my website. Turns out that this servlet is generic, so it ends up serving documents (like PDF files) as well, however it doesn't seem to be working very well for videos. I'm currently using as library to reproduce videos. I have two websites, one hosts uploaded files on Amazon S3 and the other hosts the files locally. The video stream works fine when the files are hosted on S3 (without servlet, you simply point the video url for video.js) However, when trying to stream files stored locally (therefore needing a servlet) the video simply won't reproduce. Questions: 1) Is it acceptable to create a servlet to stream videos? 2) If yes to 1, why isn't the servlet streaming the video? 3) If no to 1, how could I stream a video using JSP/Java?

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