Why is my onload function not working?

Here is the index file to my web application located in the host_name directory. I call public static function reload() { $uri = 'http://'; $uri .= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; header('Location: '.$uri.'/host_name'); } to reload the page b2e.htm after a use logs in. This works. However, the onload functions are not called in my .js file - here. There is only one .js file included in both b2e.htm and b1e.htm. window.onload=n; function n() { var a; if(a=document.getElementById('f0d')) { a.onclick=i0; document.getElementById('f1e').onclick=i1; } else { document.getElementById('f2a').onclick=i2; document.body.style.backgroundColor="#eeeeee"; } } basically the statements in the else should execute but the are not.
Where do you have i0, i1 and i2 functions defined? Any console errors?

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