Downloading web site source. Android

I have a problem when I trying to download website source in Android. EditText textbox = (EditText) findViewById(; URL link; HttpURLConnection httpcon; String wynik; try { link = new URL(""); //example site httpcon = (HttpURLConnection) link.openConnection(); httpcon.connect(); InputStream inpText = null; inpText = link.openStream(); byte[] bText = new byte[httpcon.getContentLength()]; int readSize =; wynik = new String(bText); httpcon.disconnect(); inpText.close(); textbox.append(wynik); } catch(Exception e) { // } When I run this code on AVD 2.2 textbox contains all website source but when i run this on my phone with Android 2.3.5 (or ADV 2.3.3) textbox contains only few lines. It looks exactly like this: - my phone = 1012 bytes: Frequently Asked Questions - Stack Overflow