Interrogate tempo.js objects for existence

I'm using tempo.js 2.0 and I noticed after my Ajax requests - the response fails to re-render correctly, someone on this site pointed out, tempo.js renders fine if you don't prepare the container again, I tested and they are correct. This works: var template = null; function populate(){ if (template == null){ template = Tempo.prepare("myDivId"); } template.render(data); } Anyone know how I can interrogate some value in the DOM or Tempo so I can remove my global variable? var template = null; The only thing I can think of is using jQuery and testing if tempo el type expressions exists {{ someValue }} I tried reading the code and I don't understand javascript enough. Big thanks!
I dont think it can be done, the examples use global variables, I think I was looking for a isPrepared method. I'm also learning I suck at javascript.

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