Need Conceptual Help Rendering a Heat Map

I need to create a heatmap for android google maps. I have geolocation and points that have negative and positive weight attributed to them that I would like to visually represent. Unlike the majority of heatmaps, I want these positive and negative weights to destructively interfere; that is, when two points are close to each other and one is positive and the other is negative, the overlap of them destructively interferes, effectively not rendering areas that cancel out completely. I plan on using the android google map's TileOverlay/TileProvider class that has the job of creating/rendering tiles based a given location and zoom. (I don't have an issue with this part.) How should I go about rendering these Tiles? I plan on using java's Graphics class but the best that I can think of is going through each pixel, calculating what color it should be based on the surrounding data points, and rendering that pixel. This seems very inefficient, however, and I was looking for suggestions on a better approach. Edit: I've considered everything from using a non-android Google Map inside of a WebView to using a TileOverlay to using a GroundOverlay. What I am now considering doing is having a large 2 dimensional array of "squares." Each square would have a long, lat, and total +/- weights. When a new data point is added, instead of rendering it exactly where it is, it will be added to the "square" that it is in. The weight of this data point will be added to the square and then I will use the GoogleMap Polygon object to render the square on the map. The ratio of +points to -points will determine the color that is rendered, with a ratio closer to 1:1 being clear, >1 being blue (cold point), and <1 being red (hot point). Edit: a.k.a. clustering the data into small regional groups
Have you looked at this project:

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