RabbitMQ consumer android issue

I have followed this guide to setup rabbitMQ for android. http://simonwdixon.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/getting-started-with-rabbitmq-on-android-part-1/ The problem I am facing is on the line `mConsumer.connectToRabbitMQ()` in the ActivityHome, I have changed it to: mOutput.append(“\n”+mConsumer.connectToRabbitMQ()); now when I have the wrong server, it prints false as expected however when I have the right server it does not print anything. In fact it does not even print the @string/hello which it should anyways.. The app does not consume messages and I think this could be the reason.. Also I have used loger and found out that the error must be on this method because I can logg before the call however I cannot logg anything after the call. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks!

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