AMF client in Java

I am using [BlazeDS java client][1] to get info from [this page][2]. This page has a form in the middle that when you select a type, the location combo on the button gets updated. I am trying to use BlazeDS to get those values in java. I have been using [Charles web proxy][3] to debug, and this are the screenshots from [the request][4] and [the response][5]: My code so far is the following: // Create the AMF connection. AMFConnection amfConnection = new AMFConnection(); // Connect to the remote url. String url = ""; try { amfConnection.connect(url); } catch (ClientStatusException cse) { System.out.println(cse); return; } // Make a remoting call and retrieve the result. try { // amfConnection.registerAlias("", "");"ColdFusion.getLocations", new Object[] {"consumer", "attractions", "ATTR"}); } catch (ClientStatusException cse) { System.out.println(cse); } catch (ServerStatusException sse) { System.out.println(sse); } // Close the connection. amfConnection.close(); When I run it I get a: ServerStatusException data: ASObject(15401342){message=Unable to find source to invoke, rootCause=null, details=null, code=Server.Processing} HttpResponseInfo: HttpResponseInfo code: 200 message: OK Can anyone spot what's wrong? Thanks for reading! [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]:
That is a client side error message, yes? Can you please post anything interesting from the server side logs?

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