jQuery on function is getting bound to the container, why so?

I have a simple jquery code $('tbody').on("click",$('vote'+rowCount),function(){alert('hi');}); but the alert shows up when i click anywhere on the table body instead of just showing up on clicking the selector Why is this happening? ----Edit--- Got it working by writing the element as "#vote"+rowCount instead of writing as $('vote'+rowCount) But there is another weird problem - I am creating dynamic rows with this code, but whatever i type in the value of the textbox remains empty (as initialized), why so $('#add_ans').click(function(){ var rowCount = $('table tbody tr').length + 1; var rowString = '\
\ ' $('tbody').append(rowString); $('tbody').on("click","#vote"+rowCount,voteOption); }); and the event handler is function voteOption(){ var rowCount = $('tr').index($(this).closest('tr')); alert(rowCount); var ans = $('tr:eq('+rowCount+') .input-large').attr('value'); alert(ans); }
$('vote'+rowCount) would be matching invalid elements, and the argument should be a selector, not a jQuery wrapper. api.jquery.com/on

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