How I can get key, value pair from LinkedHashMap iterator?

I test SnakeYAML library to read .yaml documents. I have read Example 2.27. Invoice from and I get object: System.out.println(content); Yaml yaml = new Yaml(); Object o = yaml.load(content); where content is String loaded from file using Files.readAllBytes, encoding.decode (encoding is StandardCharsets.UTF_8) Reflection gaves me that o is type of java.util.LinkedHashMap and I can iterate over them: Set entrySet = o.entrySet(); Iterator it = entrySet.iterator(); System.out.println("LinkedHashMap entries : "); while (it.hasNext()) { Object entry =; System.out.println(entry); } Reflection return that type of entry is LinkedHashMap$Entry. But is **problem**: internal class LinkedHashMap$Entry is private and I can't declare objects this type. How I can get pair from entry, iterator or entrSet?
Use the public interface instead.

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