How to add an animated svg via javascript?

If I write the svg in plain html/svg file, it works fine, the circle animates correctly. But if I add the circle element dynamically via javascript, circle was added, but it didn't animate. What's wrong? js code: var svg = $("svg"); //use jquery var circle = document.createElementNS("","circle"); circle.setAttribute("r", "5"); circle.setAttribute("fill", "red"); var ani = document.createElementNS("","animateMotion"); ani.setAttribute("dur", "26s"); ani.setAttribute("repeatCount", "indefinite"); ani.setAttribute("rotate", "auto"); var mpath = document.createElementNS("","mpath"); mpath.setAttribute("xlink:href", "#path1"); ani.appendChild(mpath); circle.appendChild(ani); svg.append(circle);
Can you post the full HTML file instead of that snippet? I don't know what JS framework you're using to select the SVG. And it would be nice to know if you're putting SVG markup inline or embedding it with an embed tag.

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