Java: Having trouble declaring an enum with integer constants

Urgh, I'm kind of confused on how enums work in Java. In C# and C++ (what I use normally), this seems okay, but Java wants to get mad at me >.> enum Direction { NORTH_WEST = 0x0C, NORTH = 0x10, NORTH_EAST = 0x14, WEST = 0x18, NONE = 0x20, EAST = 0x28, SOUTH_WEST = 0x24, SOUTH = 0x30, SOUTH_EAST = 0x3C } Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Here are the errors: ----jGRASP exec: javac -g ',', '}', or ';' expected NORTH_WEST = 0x0C, ^ '}' expected NORTH_WEST = 0x0C, ^ expected NORTH = 0x10, ^ ';' expected SOUTH_EAST = 0x3C ^

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