Conditional Regex searches

I'm attempting to create a Regular Expressions code in Java that will have a conditional search term. What I mean by this is let's say I have 5 words; tree, car, dog, cat, bird. Now I would like the expression to search for these terms, however is only required to match 3 out of the five, and it could be any of the 5 it chooses to match. I thought perhaps a using a back reference ?(3) would work but doesn't seem to do the trick. A standard optional search (?) wouldn't work either because all terms are optional, however the number of matches required is not. Essentially is there a way to create a string that must be 50% (or any percent) correct to provide a match? Would anyone happen to know or could point me in the right direction? (I would hopefully like it working client side if possible)
It has to match 3 unique ones out of those 5?

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