Java - simple If else if ladder

I'm really beginner trying to learn code and based on the literature I read I created the following program. The problem with this code is that any number I enter returns GRADE F. If I remove and set permanent value then it works just fine. Anyone guessing what could be wrong with my code? class ladder2 { public static void main(String args[]) throws { char read, grade; // read = 75; System.out.println("Enter a score between 0 and 100: "); read = (char); if (100 <= read) grade = 'A'; else if (85 <= read) grade = 'B'; else if (75 <= read) grade = 'C'; else if (60 <= read) grade = 'D'; else grade = 'F'; System.out.println("GRADE " + grade); } }
Use switch case java.

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