GridBagLayout not working as expected

i was coding Address Book GUI using GridBagLayout . problem is that when i set gridx and gridy that does not work it looks as there is no layout used and components fall in center of the Frame . i am not pasting whole code just a small piece of code for 1 `JButton` to let you see what is happening .. please see the code and gudide me how to fix it , right now button is falling in center of the `JFrame` I am just beginner so please dont mind if foolish style code or any problem like that public class rect { JFrame frame ; JPanel panel1 ; JButton b1; GridBagConstraints gbc; public rect() { panel1 = new JPanel(); panel1.setSize(300,300); panel1.setLayout(new GridBagLayout()); gbc = new GridBagConstraints(); frame= new JFrame("Address ?ooK "); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); frame.setSize(300, 300); b1= new JButton () ; b1.setText("Hello "); gbc.gridx=1; gbc.gridy=0; panel1.add(b1, gbc) ; frame.add(panel1); panel1.setVisible(true); frame.setVisible(true); }
Where is it supposed to be? Try to set weightx/weight to 1.0 and change anchor to GridBagLayout.NORTH... and see what happens ;-) I recommend to carefully read GBL documentation and tutorial.

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