Javascript: Simplifying many Regular Expression .replace() into fewer Regex calls

I have the following javascript function that uses a lot of regex. Is there a way I can simplify this? function encode(str){ if(typeof str==='number'){ return str; } if(typeof str!=='string'){ return ''; } var enc=str; enc=enc.replace(/_/g,'_u'); //underscore enc=enc.replace(/(\r\n|\r|\n)/g,'_r'); //return enc=enc.replace(/&/g,'_a'); //ampersand enc=enc.replace(/\\/g,'_b'); //backslash enc=enc.replace(/:/g,'_c'); //colon enc=enc.replace(/"/g,'_d'); //double quote enc=enc.replace(/=/g,'_e'); //equals enc=enc.replace(/€/g,'_4'); //euro enc=enc.replace(/\>/g,'_g'); //greater than enc=enc.replace(/#/g,'_h'); //hash enc=enc.replace(/'/g,'_i'); //inverted comma enc=enc.replace(/\Ultimately What is your condition.You want to replace all the special characters with some ur stuff.Isn't it ?

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