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What is the exact point of using database if I have simple relations (95% queries are dependent on ID). I am storing users and their stats. Why would I use external database if I can have neat constructions like: `db.users[32] = something` Array of 500K users is not that big effort for RAM Pros are: * no problematic asynchronity (instant results) * easy export/import * dealing with database like with a native object LITERALLY ps. and considerations: * Would it be faster or slower to do `collection[3]` than `db.query("select ...` * I am going to store it as a file/s * There is only ONE application/process accessing this data, and the code is executed line by line - please don't elaborate about locking. * Please don't answer with database propositions but why to use external DB over native array/object - I have experience in a few databases - that's not the case. * What I am building is a client/gateway/server(s) game. Gateway deals with all users data, processing, authenticating, writing statistics e.t.c No other part of software needs to access directly to this data/database.
How do you recover if your application crashes? Databases are often overkill, but their ACID properties come in handy in a lot of scenarios.

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