Adding/removing items from a list and then saving changes to MySQL

Any recommendation or better a good script to add/remove items from a list and then saving the changes to MySQL? Here is the think, in my web page I ask my users how many languages do they speak, I have a textfield and a add button, any time the user hits add, the language written in the textfield has to appear in a list, and it also needs to be removable. When the user finish the work, he hits a send button that do a simple POST/GET action to a PHP script. This is 90% front-end work, and I'm not a front-end developer (I'm a PHP dev). I know that using some JavaScript/jQuery this can be done, but I don't have any idea of how to handle this. I tried for a long time, searching some tutorials on internet, but I didn't find anything good. So, if you can provide me some help/tutorial/script I will appreciate it.

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