Adding page titles to existing pages beneath site title

My client has an existing banner site title and after 7+ years, they now want beneath the page banner text another line citing what the page title is. I'm trying to avoid having to go into each and every page to add a line of text and came up with the following solution. It isn't perfect (nor does it have to be) but do you see any unforseen issues wtih this approach?

Technology Lab Update Project Data Project Tracker Project Log Project Portfolio Related Links Coordinator Space Project Request Project Tracker Read-Only Lab Manager Architect Module #url.CurrentPage# #cookie.CurrentPage#

I can add the code above to my header page and then in the main nav menu, add the following code which will set the sub page title: I know this wont be perfect but I believe this will cover 90-95% of the site. The other idea I had was to wrap the sub page banner text with a span tag and give it an ID and then use jQUery to set the text. I could write a routine to evaluate the current URL and then set the sub page banner text accordingly. TIA

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