How to structure this data set?

I am dealing with a set of fields, where each field has a display name and an internal name. For example: - Due Date => DueDate - Created By => Author - Title => Title - Author => Author0 Note that a display name can be identical to its internal name, or identical to another field's internal name (cf. above examples). The total number of fields is between 50 and 100. I need the following methods: - get internal name from display name - get display name from internal name - check if a display name exists - check if an internal name exists How should I structure the data to address these needs? The most straightforward seems to be to build two objects: {"Due Date":"DueDate","Created By":"Author",...} {"DueDate":"Due Date","Author":"Created By",...} However I don't like the redundancy, and I am wondering if there's a better way. Other options I am considering: Array of objects: [{display:"Due Date",internal:"DueDate"},...] Simple array: ["Due Date","DueDate","Created By","Author",...]
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