Why can multiple applets access one global class?

So I have a fairly complex applet structure from a couple years back, and I have a question about a global class that is in it. Basically, I have three applets on the same page and they interact with each other in different ways. The part I'm confused about is the fact that they all share global (static) variables from the same class. How exactly is this happening? I was under the impression that each applet would have its own little environment and would thus be unable to access the same static variables as the others? For example if I have this in applet A: Globals.globalVar = 5; And this in applet B: int x = Globals.globalVar; And I ensure that B starts AFTER A then x will become 5. I would like to know how exactly this is handled in the JVM, as it doesn't quite make any sense to me. Does this behaviour imply that if you have two separate java applications running at the same time they can access each others static variables? Thanks beforehand.

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