Javascript memory leak/ performance issue?

I just cannot for the life of me figure out this memory leak in Internet Explorer. `insertTags` simple takes string `str` and places each word within start and end tags for HTML (usually anchor tags). `transliterate` is for arabic numbers, and replaces normal numbers 0-9 with a &#..n; XML identity for their arabic counterparts. fragment = document.createDocumentFragment(); for (i = 0, e = response.verses.length; i < e; i++) { fragment.appendChild((function(){ p = document.createElement('p'); p.setAttribute('lang', (response.unicode) ? 'ar' : 'en'); p.innerHTML = ((response.unicode) ? (response.surah + ':' + (i+1)).transliterate() : response.surah + ':' + (i+1)) + ' ' + insertTags(response.verses[i], '', ''); try { return p } finally { p = null; } })()); } params[0].appendChild( fragment ); fragment = null; I would love some links other than MSDN and, because neither of them have sufficiently explained to me why my script leaks memory. I am sure this is the problem, because without it everything runs fast (but nothing displays). I've read that doing a lot of DOM manipulations can be dangerous, but the for loops a max of 286 times (# of verses in surah 2, the longest surah in the Qur'an). *** Memory leaks in IE7 and IE8, not sure about 6, but works perfectly fine in Safari 4, FF 3.6, Opera 10.5, Chrome 5... ***
Don't know what IE version you are using this, but i had performance issues in the past with IE7..Using the same code on IE8/FF/Chrome was fast, but IE7 doesn't like very much of traversing the DOM

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