How to use Java-Reflection to set the value of type scala.Enumeration

I have a complicated reflection-based Java-Application which I now translated partly into scala. Howerver, the reflection-based part is still in Java ... Now I have a scala enumeration type, for instance: object DayType extends Enumeration { type DayType = Value val Monday = Value("Monday") val Tuesday = Value("Tuesday") ... } Now I use Java Reflection in a following way: public static void setFieldValue(Object o, String fieldName, String value) { Field field; try { field = o.getClass().getField(fieldName); } catch (NoSuchFieldException e) { // in Scala EVERY field is private. field = o.getClass().getDeclaredField(fieldName); field.setAccessible(true); } Class type = field.getType(); if (type == Float.TYPE) { field.setFloat(o, Float.parseFloat(value)); } if (type == Integer.TYPE) { field.setInt(o, Integer.parseInt(value)); } ... if (type.getName().equals("scala.Enumeration$Value")) { System.out.println("fieldname: " + field.getName()); System.out.println("fieldtype: " + field.getType()); try { field.set(o, ???); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println(e.getMessage()); } ... At least the type recognition works correctly, however, two questions remain: 1. Is there a way to recognize the type without going via the name? if (type == Enumeration.class) does not work, if (type == Enumeration) also not (the second solution does not even compile) 2. How to set the value? How to replace "???" Simply doing field.set(o, value) leads to a "Can not set scala.Enumeration$Value field diva.module.AdaptationFloodingNew.adaptMode to java.lang.String" exception (which is reasonable).
To my knowledge I don't think there is. Reflection is great just make sure you comment it well. Uses of Reflection don't pop up when looking for calls to methods using the find feature.

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