Asynchronous call to synchronous function

Lets say I have an synchronous function for example: var sum = function(x,y){ return x+y } I want to call this function in asynchronously. How is that possible? Is the function below be considered an asynchronous function? If this is an asynchronous function then I second function's log should be logged before the first one? I know this is a very simple example which may not be an ideal case for async function. But I just wanted to get this fundamental clear. function(a, b, c, d, e, f, function(){ console.log(result); }) { result = sum(a, b); result = sum(result, c); result = sum(result, d); result = sum(result, e); result = sum(result, f); return )}; function(a, b, function(){ console.log(result); }) { result = sum(a, b); return )}; Please help me. If this is not correct then please help me in as to How it should be written?
You seem to not understand callbacks and asynchronous programming. You don't have anything that is asynchronous in your code.

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