alignment issue of div tag

I am trying to create a web page where on click of a button I can add `div` tags. What I thought to do was that I'll create two `div` tags within a single `div` so that over all presentation will be uniform and similar to a table having two columns and multiple rows and the first column contains only label's and second column will contain `textbox`. Here is the JS file: var counter = 0; function create_div(type){ var dynDiv = document.createElement("div"); = "divid_"+counter; dynDiv.class="main"; document.body.appendChild(dynDiv); question(); if(type == 'ADDTEXTBOX'){ ADDTEXTBOX(); } counter=counter+1; } function question(){ var question_div = document.createElement("div"); question_div.class="question"; = "question_div_"+counter; var Question = prompt("Enter The Question here:", ""); var node=document.createTextNode(Question); question_div.appendChild(node); var element=document.getElementById("divid_"+counter); element.appendChild(question_div); } function ADDTEXTBOX(){ var answer_div = document.createElement("div"); answer_div.class="answer"; = "answer_div_"+counter; var answer_tag = document.createElement("input"); = "answer_tag_"+counter; answer_tag.setAttribute("type", "text"); answer_tag.setAttribute("name", "textbox"); answer_div.appendChild(answer_tag); var element=document.getElementById("divid_"+counter); element.appendChild(answer_div); } Here is the css file: .question { width: 40%; height: auto; float: left; display: inline-block; text-align: justify; word-wrap:break-word; } .answer { padding-left:10%; width: 40%; height: auto; float: left; overflow: auto; word-wrap:break-word; } .main { width: auto; background-color:gray; height: auto; overflow: auto; word-wrap:break-word; } My problem is that the code is working properly but both the divisions are not coming in a straight line. after the first div prints on the screen the second divisions comes in another line. How can I make both the `div's` come in the same line? PS: should I stick with the current idea of using div or should I try some other approach? like tables?
I think the Problem lies in the code with question_div.class="question"; line because as I tried to debug my code I didn't found any style definition of div tags. can anyone please tell me the correct syntax ?

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