body {background-image:url("../images/liza.jpg");} //---...">

unable to process the URL in eclips juno

Insert title here ... ... ... in this code i dont know why i am unable to include this image in my jsp page .... this is a jsp page designed in eclips juno the directory structure is
--> myweblib
-->---- webcontent
-->--------- images
--> --------------liza.jpg
-->build url while running this page in eclips http://localhost:8081/MyWebLibrary/books.jsp my jsp file is directly in side the webcontent folder ie: "webcontent/books.jpg" and my image is inside: "webcontent/images/liza.jpg"
And what's the URL displayed in the browser adress bar when this JSP is executed? Why don't you use absolute URLs rather than relative ones? And why do you have CSS in JSP files and not in CSS files?

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