GWT displaying decimals in a textbox

I'm totally new to GWT so please forgive me if this is an obvious problem. I have a TextBox from which I want to take a value and round to 3 decimal places and then return the rounded value to the same textbox. This may not be the graceful way but it seems like this should work. inputValueBox = new TextBox(); . . . double doubleValue = Double.parseDouble(inputValueBox.getText()); doubleValue = (Math.round(doubleValue * 1000))/1000; inputValueBox.setText(Double.toString(doubleValue)); I have attempted do to this a number of different ways, the end result is that, in the inputValueBox, all values to the right of the decimal point are reported as zero. So when I take: (Math.round(0.99283425 * 1000))/1000 I expect to get 0.993. What I end up with is 0.0 What am I missing?

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