Parsing Character Stream

I am getting a continuous stream of characters which I have moved into a flat file in a single line. Now these characters are coming in below form. keepalivekeep_aliveenroll,,0,12,594,4,5,METRO-A,1enroll,,0,13,594,4,5,METRO-B,1clear,,0,14,100010934,1323168443 What i want is to move messages coming between particular tags (`keep_alive`, `clear`, `enroll`, etc.) in different lines. For example output from above should be: keep_alive keep_alive enroll,,0,12,594,4,5,METRO-A,1 enroll,,0,13,594,4,5,METRO-B,1 clear,,0,14,100010934,1323168443 What is the best way to do this in Java? What is noteworthy here is that file is getting continuous data and I need to do this continuously in some kind of loop.
A hundred ways to do it, all requiring programming. You might be able to employ "regular expressions" to do some of the work.

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