How can I know when imgAreaSelect is closed?

This is my imgSelectArea code: ias = $('#<%=imgMain.ClientID%>').imgAreaSelect({ handles: true, autoHide: false, minChars: 0, autoFill: true, selectOnly: true, mustMatch: true, instance: true, onInit: function (img, selection) { $("#tagBox").css('display', 'none'); }, onSelectEnd: function (img, selection) { $("#tagBox").show(); var x1 = selection.x1; var y1 = selection.y1; var x2 = selection.x2; var y2 = selection.y2; var position = $('#<%=imgMain.ClientID%>').position(); } }); This works fine but I want to know when imgSelectArea is closed i.e when you click on overlay area, I want to get notified. I couldn't find this in documentation. This is the documentation link: Has anybody got around this issue?
I've not used that plugin before but will have a go at getting it working. Can you please explain in greater detail what event you're trying to catch and if possible link an example? At first glance, it looks like you'll need to extend the module yourself

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