Java and CANopen

Background ---------- I am required to create a Java program on a laptop to receive/send CANopen messages. RJ45 is chosen to be the network's physical medium. I am new to CANopen and Java communications programming. Pardon me if I appear to be uninitiated. The truth is, I have been reading up a lot, but I still do not know how to get started. Questions --------- 1. Other than connecting a PC to the CANbus network, what else does the CAN-PC adapter do? 2. Is it possible to connect the laptop to the CANbus network without the CAN-PC adapter? 3. If a CAN-PC adapter is required, what sort of adapter should I use? PCMCIA, parallel, serial, usb, etc.? 4. How do I get started in writing the java program to listen/write CANopen messages? 5. What libraries should I use? 6. Do I need to create my own drivers? 7. Should my program handle heart-beat monitoring, error detection, etc.? Or are these taken care of by the CAN-PC adapter? 8. How do I retrieve specific information from a CANbus node? 9. How is the EDS file and object dictionary created? Does every node require them? 10. How do I simulate a CAN network to test my Java program without buying CAN hardware?

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