Add a component to JApplet on startup

I'm a total beginner in java and I'm coding a JApplet (that also runs outside the browser). On my main form I want to add a QuickTable when its loaded. Currently I have a button and when the button is pressed the QuickTable is added successfully. I copied the code behind the button into a void and tried to execute it at the end of init() but the QuickTable is not shown. DBTable servers = new DBTable(); servers.setConnection(conn); servers.setSelectSql("SELECT ServerID, Naam, Kost, Opslag, Paswoord from tblServers"); servers.createControlPanel(); jPanel3.add(servers); servers.refresh(); How do I automatically execute a method after the applet is loaded? Code behind me button is here (doesn't fit here): **GET THIS**: The snippet stops working if I remove "jButton1.setVisible(false);" I currently use .setVisible(false) at the beginning of the method and .setVisible(true) at the end and that works fine when still working with the button. If I load the code from within init() the table isn't shown.
I answered the question, but that will obviously not solve the problem, since you already tried that. To solve the problem, I suggest you post an SSCCE.

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