Java won't work (Possibly related to installing QTP)

I was working on eclipse two days ago, and closed it properly. Now, when I'm trying to start it, I get the splash screen popping for a blink of an eye, then disappearing. I get: - no error message, and - no error is logged in the `\.metadata\.log` file (the last errors logged there are from two days ago). Apparently, the problem isn't with the workspace, because I changed the `SHOW_WORKSPACE_SELECTION_DIALOG` argument in `\configurations\.settings\org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs` to `true`, and it doesn't even get as far as showing the dialog. There's only one thing I can recall I did before it stopped working - I have installed a plugin for UFT Java Extensibility SDK from HP. Needless to say uninstalling it didn't help. Is there any other log I can hope to find helpful? Or anything else I can do to get it to work? **EDIT:** I was just trying to start another instance of eclipse I have (`adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130219`), and got the same outcome. **EDIT:** I added Java & QTP to the title in order to help others who bumps into the same issue.
Try running with the -consoleLog option and see if that sheds any light.

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