Javascript error on different versions of firefox

I wondered if anyone with some JavaScript experience may have a way to resolve my issue! I'm using version 5 of firefox (using front motion if that makes a difference), yes I know this is out of date by quite a way but it's down to corporate policy! Anyway in version 5 of Firefox my function fires and works correctly, however in v14 and v15 it gives me an error saying that the function I'm using is not a function. The line in question is the one that starts var $tabs. Any ideas? Thanks in advance $(function() { if ($('.ui-tabs-panel').length > 0) { var $tabs = $('#tabs').tabs(); $(".ui-tabs-panel").each(function(i) { var totalSize = $(".ui-tabs-panel").size() - 1; if (i != totalSize) { next = i + 2; $(this).append("Next Page »"); $('.toggle').hide(); } if (i != 0) { prev = i; $(this).append("« Prev Page"); $('.toggle').hide(); } }); $('.next-tab, .prev-tab').click(function() { $tabs.tabs('select', $(this).attr("rel")); return false; }); } });​
Where does the console say the problem is?

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