Rerunning failed Container-Managed transactions in Java EE

I have a situation with a legacy system which uses Java EE Bean Managed Transactions. It's getting `LockAcquisitionException` thrown when it's trying to retrieve something it just created. My initial thoughts were this: @TransactionAttribute(SUPPORTS) public Item retrieveItem(int id) { Item i; try { i = em.find(Item.class, id); } catch (PersistenceException e) { if (e.getCause() instanceof LockAcquisitionException) { i = retrieveItem(id); } } return i; } However - when the recursive call is made, the transaction has already died - and it doesn't seem to create a new one. I've tried different `TransactionAttributes`, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Also tried managing the transaction myself (`em.getTransaction()`), but that's illegal in CMT. I'm not looking for an elegant fix - as I said, this is legacy, I just need something that will triage it until the whole thing gets replaced in a couple of months! Cheers.

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