reading nested JSON via AJAX with jquery or javascript and outputting to tables

> **Possible Duplicate:** > [jquery reading nested json]( I would really like to have a hard and fast method to loop through multiple records in JSON, each with potentially deep nesting. I simply want to output to a table. I am unsure of what arguments need to be passed through the function() for either $.each() or for the javascript methodology of $.ajax() success. All examples seem to use generic words "data" or "obj" but those confuse me - are they built-in functional arguments or can I name them whatever I want like: $.each(foo, function(bar){ }); And how can I keep track of where I am in the loop / nest? I would prefer to use JQuery, but I should also know the straight-forward JavaScript method to do so. And I'd also like to know if it's possible without a hundred lines of code. With this JSON as an example: { date: " 2012-10-18 16:58:35.104576", data: [{ title: "The Princess Bride", rating: "PG", length: 128, stars: [ "Gary Elwes", "Robin Wright", "Christopher Guest" ] }, { title: "This is Spinal Tap", rating: "R", length: 105, stars: [ "Christopher Guest", "Michael McKean", "Harry Shearer" ] }] } I can't find any useful examples that include nested JSON, even here in the StackOverflow. what's the most efficient way to loop through and assign each element to a table cell? The HTML output is not important - I know how to make a table... How do I get the "stars"? When I use the Chrome console and simply `$.getJSON('/example');` I get the entire JSON returned in the responseText, starting with `"{"date":"2012-10-18 ,"data": [{"title": "The Princess Bride",` However in neither the JSON docs, the JQuery docs on $.getJSON, nor in any JavaScript examples can I find a reference to `responseText`. So, I'm lost. What argument does $.getJSON need to objectify the responseText?
Regarding your last comment, you'll want to parse it. Try var myData = JSON.parse(responseText); You might find it helpful to output it to the console, too: console.log(myData) Then you can do something like var someStars =[0].stars; Let me know if you have any questions about looping through your data.

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