Open and close panels based on jQuery cookies

I have the following variables which store the value of a set of cookies: var filterDate = $.cookie('filterDate'); var filterArea = $.cookie('filterArea'); var filterCategory = $.cookie('filterCategory'); var filterType = $.cookie('filterType'); var filterLevel = $.cookie('filterLevel'); var filterAge = $.cookie('filterAge'); var filterAttendance = $.cookie('filterAttendance'); The name of the cookies and variables are also the ids of some elements that are on the page so for example: `
` What I want to do is very minimally (i.e. less code as possible) is check if any have the value of open and if so then run the code inside. if (filterDate == 'open' || filterArea == 'open' || filterCategory == 'open' || filterType == 'open' || filterLevel == 'open' || filterAge == 'open' || filterAttendance == 'open') { $('#' + filter).find('.menuBox.nav ul').show(); $('#' + filter).find('.menuBox.nav p').hide(); $('#' + filter.find('h3 span').addClass('active'); } How do I get the above to work as `filter` works for all the cookies without having to duplicate it per cookie and panel?

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