Virtual IP Address

I am developing an application related to networking . Its prerequisite is that the machine must have an ip address to function properly. When i am on my home network , my machine gets the IP address through DHCP present on my network. However, when my machine is in stand alone mode e.g. while travelling i can not have an ip address and the status is LAN DISCONNECTED. Is there a workaround so that i can get an ip address or virtual ip address in standalone mode? I have already tried configuring with loopback address and other ip address. Can I do it by installing a dhcp server on my machine? My system uses WINXP? Network card: BroadcomNetxtreme 57XX gigabit ethernet. I strongly feel that the application details have nothing to do with it. Since, when the machine has an ip address it starts working properly. Still i am open to ideas.
What's the problem using the loopback address

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