Writing query for foreign key association

I have 2 tables in database User and Link. The userid is a foreign in the link table. I have used hibernate reverse engg xml to create the model classes in java. It has created the User, Link, LinkId class. Here the Link class links the 2 tables, while LinkId contains the attributes of Link. I am trying to query the link table using the userid. The query I have is "createQuery( "from com.paypal.socialpay.models.LinkId li where li.userid=?").setInteger(0, id).list();" But on execution of the query I get "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No positional parameters in query: from com.paypal.socialpay.models.LinkId li where li.userid=?" Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong class name="com.paypal.socialpay.models.Link" table="link" catalog="socialdb">

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