Getting "Assertion failed: (anonymous function)" on Safari with application

I am creating an application for an ipad and i am doing it using Java. JavaScript. HTML and Rest. I have a list of countries that i want to display in a drop list on one of the page in the application am im trying to use rest to populate this list but when i run the application i am getting nothing in the droplist and safari is giving the error Assertion failed: (anonymous function) :449 i am gettin this error 8 times with different numbers at the end here is some of the code that i am using main.html

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.... appForm.js $('#wrapper').live("pageshow", function() { if ( $('#countrySelection')[0].length < 1){ $.mobile.loadingMessage = "Retrieving Countries"; $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg(); Repository.load('details/countries/all', function(countries){ $.each(countries, function() { $('#countrySelection').append('').selectmenu('refresh'); }); $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg(); }); } }); $('#wrapper').live("pagecreate", function() { $('#AccountDetailsForm select, #AccountDetailsForm input[type!=submit]').focus(function (){ focusScroller(this); }); $('#AccountDetailsForm select, #AccountDetailsForm input[type!=submit]').blur(function (){ if ( $('#accountFormScrollView').data().scrolllistview._sy

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