How to set onClick event in ASP Menu MenuItem

I have a dynamically generated menu (C#), like this: MenuItem(string text, string value, string imageUrl, string navigateUrl, string target) MenuItem AdminLevel1 = new MenuItem("Admin", "Admin"); MenuItem AdminPedidosRegisto = new MenuItem("Questions", "AdminQ"); NavigationMenu.Items.Add(new MenuItem("Messages Received", "AdminMessagesR", "", "./Admin/Messages.ascx", "ContainerIframe")); AdminPedidosRegisto.ChildItems.Add(new MenuItem("Pending", "AdminPending", "", "./Admin/Pedidos.ascx", "ContainerIframe"));` Where `ContainerIframe` is the iframe's ID and `NavigationMenu` is the (asp:Menu)'s ID. I want to set some JavaScript to be executed when I click a MenuItem. Is there a way?

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