Multiple lookup control instances of the same lookup field on CRM 2011 Form

I have a CRM 2011 form with multiple control instances of the same lookup field. Each of these instances is included in a different **section**. Only one section is visible on form load, depending on a category data field, by applying the `setVisible` attribute appropriately on the sections in the onLoad javascript function. In this situation, every time I change the visible lookup field, all the other lookup controls, which have the same control attribute, are also getting updated automatically, even if they are disabled and not visible. And this is causing a long delay when selecting a lookup value in the lookup field. What I want is to only update the visible lookup control, and not the other 'not visible' lookup controls, in order to avoid the slow performance. Is there any efficient way to do this?
Are the controls actually "not visible" themselves, or are they only hidden because they are in a section which is not visible? This may make a big difference - making the fields / controls themselves not visible as well as the sections may fix the performance issue. But this won't fix the fact that your design sounds unwieldy and unsustainable.

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