I've been programming for quite a bit now, but I have a problem. What I am trying to do is implement a class which has the same capabilities as a built-in data type int[]. The following methods were provided for me: public ArrayOfInt(int size); public int length(); public int get(int index); public void put(int index, int value); The main method is for testing the code. I pretty much have no idea where to start. Can somebody help me? Edit: Here's my updated code. When I try to use d.put(0,1), I get a nullpointerexception error, which is what I'm now confused about. Shouldn't d.put(0,1) define the index and value integers? public class ArrayofIntegers { private int[] arr; public int ArrayOfInt(int size) { arr = new int[size]; return size; } public int length() { return arr.length; } public int get(int index) { return arr[index]; } public void put(int index, int value) { arr[index]=value; System.out.print(arr[index]=value); } public static void main(String[] args) { ArrayofIntegers d = new ArrayofIntegers(); d.put(0,1); } }
you can make use of all the methods given to you by creating an ArrayList of Integers as answered by ADAM below.


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