JQuery function suddenly stopped working with error converting Javascript argument

about a year ago I wrote a JQuery/Javascript script which makes an ajax call to a PHP page to change a user password, and it has been working wonderfully ever since. Earlier today I started getting complaints that the ajax call is no longer working. When I go to submit the password change form I get the following error: > Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMDocumentFragment.appendChild] http://www.site.com/js/jquery-1.4.4.min.js Line 124 Even though this error occurs, the user's password is changed, and the ouput from the PHP is exactly as it should be... a properly formatted json string: {"Authenticated":{"0":"false"},"MessageString":{"0":"Your User Password Was Changed Successfully."},"PasswordChanged":{"0":"true"}} None of the files associated with this project have been changed in several months, and this form gets used at least a few times a day, so I'm not sure why it suddenly stopped working. Here is the script I am running, and I am running it with JQuery 1.4.4: function makePasswordRequest() { email = jQuery("#email").val(); currentPassword = jQuery("#currentPassword").val(); newPassword = jQuery("#newPassword").val(); newPasswordRetype = jQuery("#newPasswordRetype").val(); jQuery.post("../changeUserPassword.php", { email: email, currentPassword: currentPassword, newPassword: newPassword, newPasswordRetype: newPasswordRetype }, function(data){ if(data.PasswordChanged[0] == true || data.PasswordChanged[0] == "true"){ jQuery("#notificationArea").removeClass("failure"); jQuery("#notificationArea").addClass("success"); } else{ jQuery("#notificationArea").removeClass("success"); jQuery("#notificationArea").addClass("failure"); } jQuery("#notificationArea").html(data.MessageString); }, "json"); }; function resetPasswordRequest() { email = jQuery("#email2").val(); jQuery.post("../resetUserPassword.php", { email: email, }, function(data){ if(data.PasswordChanged[0] == true || data.PasswordChanged[0] == "true"){ jQuery("#notificationArea2").removeClass("failure"); jQuery("#notificationArea2").addClass("success"); } else{ jQuery("#notificationArea2").removeClass("success"); jQuery("#notificationArea2").addClass("failure"); } jQuery("#notificationArea2").html(data.MessageString); }, "json"); }; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#passwordChangeForm").submit(function(e){ e.preventDefault(); makePasswordRequest(); }); jQuery("#passwordResetForm").submit(function(e){ e.preventDefault(); resetPasswordRequest(); }); }); I can't figure out what the problem is, especially since this has been working well for the last year. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Did you update to 1.7 before testing?

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